Contest 17 Winners

#ACF17 Winner’s Interview

Congratulations to our free weekly contest winners for #ACF17

Altcoin Fantasy is the best cryptocurrency trading simulator game where users learn to trade cryptocurrencies risk free by joining our free weekly contests. Our platform provides a playground for newbie traders as well as experienced ones to practice, hone and test their skills as a cryptocurrency trader.

How does the free weekly contest work?

Using Altcoin Fantasy is simple. You just sign up and create an account. You’re then entered into a contest and you will receive $100,000 USD virtual currency that you can use to spend on Crypto and Altcoins. You can choose from more than 1,400 coins and pick the ones that you think will have the best performance. You are free to make adjustments to your holdings throughout the duration of the contest.

Once the contest is complete, players will be assessed and those who have achieved the highest net worth are deemed the winners. It’s so easy — and it’s fun!

Has anyone ever won though?

Why I’m so glad you asked! Yes, in fact, Altcoin Fantasy is currently in its 18th contest (#ACF18) and we are giving away $200 USD in Crypto this week! That means thousands of dollars in crypto have already been given away!

We caught up with 2 of their past winners to ask them about their experience with Altcoin Fantasy.

How did you get into crypto trading?
iheartgemini: I have lots of friends who were already actively trading with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, I was introduced to the space.
Son Gohan: During the December boom, I decided to invest in some low-key coins, and got into day trading.

How did you find out about Altcoin Fantasy?
iheartgemini: I was searching on the internet about Bitcoin earning games, trading simulators and bitcoin trading games and I found Altcoin Fantasy.
Son Gohan: A Reddit thread was posted about it on /r/cryptocurrency. I thought “Hey, I can practice without actually losing money, or dealing with the IRS’s nonsense of taxing crypto-to-crypto trades.” Perfect.

What was your investment strategy for winning?
iheartgemini: Buying on a dip and waiting for an hour to make a profit then sell them.
Son Gohan: Mine was buying the lowest-volume coin that I could find, but not so low that no trading was occurring on it. A widespread between the buy and sell prices helped too.

How would you describe Altcoin Fantasy to a friend?
iheartgemini: A game where you learn and practice to trade and actually end up with money afterwards
Son Gohan: I would describe it as a way to practice trading crypto-currency without actually trading, I guess. Sort of like Fantasy Football.

Would you recommend Altcoin Fantasy?
iheartgemini: I have. Multiple times and with large groups. I love promoting Altcoin Fantasy because I believe that knowledge is power. I advocate in learning to trade and it’s so wonderful to see an online cryptocurrency game that has the same vision, to equip everyone with the knowledge and experience to make it in a real trading environment.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose and why?
iheartgemini: I want the power to see into the future. So I know which coins are gonna moon and when.
Son Gohan: The ability to see the future would be nice… I’m sure the reasons are obvious :p

So there you have it, folks, straight from the horse’s — I mean Legend’s mouth! And the verdict? Altcoin Fantasy is definitely the best cryptocurrency simulator out there that awards real crypto such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash etc.

But don’t just take our word for it, join the thousands now if you think you have what it takes to take on these fantasy crypto trading legends! Go to and trade your win into real crypto.

Goodluck and remember, if you want that Lambo, JUST HODL!

 You can read about Altcoin Fantasy’s founder (Tom Chan), his idea and future plans for the game here.

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