Next Weekly Contest? Altcoin Fantasy + Expanse (EXP) = #ACF20


Hey everyone, we are happy to announce that Altcoin Fantasy — the best cryptocurrency trading simulator with thousands of players — has partnered with Expanse (EXP) for the next weekly contest! (#ACF20)

What Weekly Contest?

Altcoin Fantasy is the best cryptocurrency trading simulator game where users learn to trade cryptocurrencies risk free. We aim to give you a platform to practice, hone and test your skills as a cryptocurrency trader. Each weekly contest has a different criteria for winning, but the mission of the game never changes. Win by learning about the different coins.

You start with $100,000 USD virtual cash, and you are free to buy any cryptocurrency and/or ICO coins you wish. At the end of the contest, the players with the most net worth will win actual crypto — in this case Expanse.

Practice your skills as a cryptocurrency trading without actually losing real money!

You not only win real prizes but you also gain knowledge and experience that you can use when trading in real life. Top traders for this contest will win $200 USD worth of Expanse!

Introduction to Expanse

Expanse was created 3 years ago and is the first stable fork of Ethereum. The vision came from established blockchain developers Christopher Franko, James Clayton, and Dan Conway. They wanted to provide a cryptocurrency that is truly decentralized and independent unlike any other cryptocurrency in the market. Their aim was for expanse to be the blockchain solution for identity, equity, charity, governance and commerce.

What is Expanse?

Expanse was built as a community-based project without an ICO. The idea is to use cutting-edge blockchain technology to build anything the team and community can imagine, using a Decentralized autonomous organization, with a self-funded design to keep it truly decentralized. This way, the Expanse community can evolve and grow while rewarding holders, partners and investors.

  • Expanse was launched 3 years ago and now has a two-year history of consistent growth and stability
  • Expanse’s goals for Expanse are to create the most advanced forms of identity, governance, charity, commerce, and equity.
  • Expanse is listed in a few well known exchanges such as Poloniex and Bittrex and have been trading for over 2 years.

The Team Behind Expanse

Expanse was built by 3 of the most respected and trusted cryptocurrency experts.

  • Christopher Franko, who was one of the earliest blockchain developer
  •  James Clayton who was also the founder of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club on Facebook
  • Dan Conway who was another blockchain expert with extensive knowledge and experience.

Read more about expanse here.

How To Get An Expanse Wallet

Just head over to http://expanse.tech and download their wallet or go directly to this link https://github.com/expanse-org/mist/releases. Download the wallet corresponding to the OS that you are using.

Win Expanse with ACF #20:

In this coming #ACF20 contest (starts Sunday, March 18th at 6PM PST), $200 USD in Expanse (EXP) will be up for grabs!

The top player will win $30 USD worth, 2nd and 3rd place will get $25 USD each, 4th and 5th players will win $15 each, and 6th to 10th players will win $10 dollars worth in EXP while the 2nd last player will win $10 dollars.

Furthermore, we’ll also give away $10 to 3 random winners from people who like, share and leave a comment on our social media accounts which are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Therefore, you will only be qualified if you have liked and shared a post from each of those outlets and by leaving a comment with your username.

Have fun and good luck!

Altcoin Fantasy is available on the web and on mobile for the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Sign up now to learn, trade and win — https://altcoinfantasy.com/

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