Expanse winners #acf20

Expanse Contest Winners #ACF20

Congratulations to all our winners for #ACF20-Expanse!

Ready to found out who the expanse winners are? Join us in congratulating the contest winners for Altcoin Fantasy’s sponsored contest!


Below are the #ACF20’s Expanse Winners:

1st: The_Idaho_Kid
2nd: Datickz
3rd: DavidGaryRichardson
4th: huii
5th: Jason_Stevens
7th: Riley2491
8th: Haleepha
9th: davidriley
10th: Spearo93

Special props to Mlcharlestonsc for placing 2nd last! A+ for effort!

Our 3 random winners have been contacted via the social media platform where they won.

#ACF21 has begun!

This week, Altcoin Fantasy is partnering with Etherbots and traders are going to compete for Etherbot Robot parts.

Altcoin fantasy is the best cryptocurrency trading simulator game where users learn to trade cryptocurrencies risk free. Users start with 100k virtual money, and they get to make as many trades as they can out of the 1300+ coins and ICOs we support. We tally up their net worth at the end of the contest period. Whoever has the most net worth in USD will win! We’ve awarded hundreds of dollars in crypto already!

What is Etherbots?
Etherbots is “Robot Wars on Ethereum”, the newest digital gaming phenomenon to sweep the crypto world, and one of the first true battling games on the blockchain. Its presale sold out three days early, with over 1 million USD in robot parts sold, overtaking CryptoKitties’ transaction volume. It is hugely popular right now, as it allows you to truly own your digital assets, and it features some of the best graphics, gameplay, and ongoing updates from developers.

Collect. Build. Duel. Buy parts, build Etherbots, level up, and choose perks which improve your combat efficiency. Fight other players in the arena, with every battle giving you a valuable prize.

How to play Etherbots?
The Etherbots team released an official New Player Guide you can read here: https://medium.com/@etherbots/etherbots-getting-started-1cd7f93d49b0.

For #ACF21 (starts Sunday, March 18th at 6 PM PST), 20 Etherbot Parts will be up for grabs!

The top performing player will win a whole robot (that’s right, 4 parts), 2nd place will win 3 parts of a robot and 3rd place will get 2 parts of a robot, 4th to 10th place players will win 1 robot part each while the 2nd last player will also win a robot part.

We’ll also give away a robot part to 3 random winners who have made a trade in the contest and left a honest review on the Etherbots facebook page and put their ACF username at the end of the review.

What can I do with these parts?
There are many things you can do! You can either assemble a robot (needs one of turret, body, shield and melee) and then battle other robots for experience and additional parts — or if you don’t like it or want to exchange for another part, you can sell it on the marketplace (currently fetching between $20–50 USD for common parts, and thousands of dollars for rare or exclusive parts). Finally, in the very near future, you will be able to exchange your part for WAX tokens which you can redeem on https://opskins.com/ for other digital products!!

For any suggestions, feedbacks or feature request, please don’t hesitate to send a message on Facebook, or just email me directly at elizabeth@altcoinfantasy.com.

That’s a wrap crypto traders!

Goodluck and don’t forget to invite your friends to compete with you 😉

Want to know more about the next free weekly contest? Read more about our #ACF21 contest here.

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