#ACF24: Tune Token


Get ready to win in the tune of $1000 USD!

Tune Token has graciously stepped up to sponsor #ACF24!

Tune’s primary mission is to solve digital songwriter rights and royalty transparency issues for the music industry. The establishment of Tune’s tokenized products (like Recordgram) will also enable applications the ability to offer user tipping and user/community incentivized rewards through the sharing, creation and engagement of content as well as other features. Tune’s parent company has been featured in various major publications such as Billboard, Inc. and Forbes.

“We believe the use of the blockchain will transform the distribution and DRM of the music industry and will disrupt how music will be produced and authored while bringing transparency to the whole process. Tune will be utilizing Altcoin Fantasy’s competitive ecosystem to drive awareness of our token sale and spread the distribution of our Token across borders so that people all over the world can collaborate on music inside the RecordGram app,” says Erik Mendelson, CEO of Tune Token. Read more about Tune Token here.

“There’s a lot of unscrupulous people out there looking to capitalize and take advantage of unsuspecting people. My mom asked me about buying Bitcoin at its peak and she would have lost a lot of money if I hadn’t been there to educate her about the risks and pitfalls of cryptocurrency. We want to make sure that we’re helping people, people like my mom, my aunt and my friends, understand the space first before deciding to invest and potentially lose a lot, or even everything,” says Tommy Chan, Co-founder of Altcoin Fantasy, when asked about why he feels so strongly about the educational piece of the game. Follow Altcoin Fantasy on Medium.

#ACF24 is free to play and here is the prize structure:


1st: $80.00 USD in Tune Tokens

2nd: $60.00 USD in Tune Tokens

3rd: $40.00 USD in Tune Tokens

4th: $25.00 in Tune Tokens

5th — 10th: $20.00 USD in Tune Tokes

11th — 15th: $20.00 USD in Tune Tokens

16th — 25th: $10.00 USD in Tune Tokens

TOTAL: $500.00 USD in Tune Tokens

For the first time ever, there will be an additional $500 USD in Tune Tokensto give away!

For every person that downloads the app and writes an honest review, they get a chance to win $10! (We’ll have 30 winners = $300. Please make sure your username with us matches your username on the Apple store so we can give the right prize to the right winner.

For every person that likes and shares their Facebook page — they get a chance to win $10–10 winners = $100. Please make sure your name on Facebook matches your name on our profile so we can give the right prize to the right winner.

Also, join their Telegram group before the contest ends and get a chance to win $10–10 winners) Winners will be announced on the Telegram group before the contest closes, so please join their group before to be eligible.

Fill out this form after doing the above for a chance at the $500 giveaway!

Sign up for the contest now! https://altcoinfantasy.com/p/tunetoken

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