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Winners – Altcoin Fantasy + Steemit Private Contest


We have our winners!

1st Place – ErnesTrader – won $35
2nd Place – uneven-blank31311 – won $25
3rd Place – YellowDaysSca – won $10
4th Place – Yihasmth – won $10
5th Place – DarkWolfsbane9 – won $10
2nd Last Place – DarkCaravaggio8 – won $10

Payouts will be sent once all winners have filled out this google form.

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and see you on the next contest!

Check out our ongoing contest on this post


Hello Steemians!

And thank you for the warm welcome here! We’d like to introduce ourselves to this wonderful community and we wanted to make sure you guys remembered us!

We are a humble team from Vancouver Canada who created Altcoin Fantasy.

But, what’s Altcoin Fantasy?

Altcoin Fantasy is a real-time cryptocurrency simulation trading platform that has helped thousands learn crypto trading, risk free via exciting weekly contests. Users start with $100,000 “virtual” USD, and through various tools on the platform, learn to trade with different cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Altcoin Fantasy has a database of 1500+ coins that traders can trade with and users have access to historical charts, news and also a leaderboard where they can see other players’ trades throughout the contest period. The game is completely free to play and at the end of each weekly contest, the top traders with the highest net worth will win prizes.

Steemit users started posting about us!

We’re really happy that a lot of our players are on Steemit and have posted about us. First of all these posts we’re not something we made them do. As I’m sure you’re thinking that we might have coerced them, but sadly, no we did not. Lol.

You can read through @alexandered‘s post here. And @philippekiene‘s post here.

Private contest

And because we wanted to make a big bang on Steemit, we’re gonna launch a private contest (Invite only) for Steemit users only!

Altcoin Fantasy will be sponsoring this contest and it has a prize pool of $75. The same rules apply as with any and all of our contests. Players will start with a balance of 100,000 virtual money and they are free to buy any coins that they want (everyone gets to act like a whale for a few days), you can adjust your holdings as you like. The player that has the most net worth by the end of the contest will win the prize pool.

The username is steemit and that’s the password too. Simple eh?

Here is the link for the private contest:

We’ll also be doing a Resteem contest soon! We’ll finalize details and make sure to let everyone know so watch out for that!

Interested in Sponsoring our next contest? Or creating a private contest for your group? Fill-out our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Curious about us? Meet the team here.

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  1. Shawn May 26, 2018 9:15 pm

    I won a contest with the zune token contest I won $20 and I have never received the payment so I’m not quite sure if this game is legit or not… Tom also said you would contact me about winnings and receive the payment in Bitcoin … I receive a email from you but not addressing my issue only addressing paying other who won a contest but I do not get my legit pay out?

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