Altcoin Fantasy + EventChain = #ACF30

We have teamed up with the EventChain team to bring you #ACF30!

EventChain is a blockchain based secure event ticketing platform that is disrupting giant monopolies like Ticketmaster. EventChain SmartTickets provide a unique solution to todays ticketing challenges. EventChain is available in CcoinmMarketcCap and currently traded at Livecoin.

A massive $1000 USD in EventChain tokens is up for grabs and is sure to bring in lots of new traders!

We will have our regular Trading and Raffle contest as well as our Social Media contests that include Facebook, Steemit and Youtube.

This is the prize structure for the Top 50 traders:

1st: $100 in EVC Tokens
2nd: $75 in EVC Tokens
3rd: $50 in EVC Tokens
4th and 5th: $25 in EVC Tokens
6th – 10th: $20 in EVC Tokens
11th – 15th: $15 in EVC Tokens
16th – 50th: $10 in EVC Tokens

All prizes will be distributed by Altcoin Fantasy shortly following the competition close.

– Winners must provide an ERC20 compatible wallet to claim their prize.
– You will be DISQUALIFIED if you use the same IP Adress as another player and if the Facebook account you used to claim your prize is only a month old or younger.

10 Raffle Winners: $10/Each (If guess is exact, $100/1 winner only)

What will be the price of OmiseGO (OMG) by June 17, 2018 18:00 PST

If you can guess the exact amount, you will win the whole prize pool! Otherwise, the closest 10 guesses to the actual amount (in EVC Tokens) without going over on June 17, 2018 18:00 PST will win! A total of $100 USD in EVC Tokens will be split evenly amongst the winners! Note that you can win multiple times if there is no winner who guessed the exact amount.

This contest will also be available on Facebook as “Guess the price, Win a prize”: 5 Winners of $10/each

1. Like and Share the raffle post.
2. Leave your price guess on the comments.

The 5 closest guesses to the actual price without going over will win!

Be sure to Like our Facebook page and vote on which coin we’ll feature in the next raffle competion!

Trading contest starts in 15 hours and the contest will run from June 03, 2018 18:00 PST to June 17, 2018 18:00 PST

Register now and we’ll remind you when the contest is about to start: [Altcoin Fantasy + EventChain Contest]

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