Altcoin Fantasy + Chinese (HK) Government Funding Announcement

Altcoin Fantasy Funded by Cyberport

Altcoin Fantasy has announced that Cyberport, the organization in which the Chinese (HK SAR) government wholly owns, will be supporting the company in its latest intake. Cyberport is the flagship program for Hong Kong’s digital tech industry and Cyberport focuses on building key clusters of digital technology, namely FinTech and others. In addition to funding provided by the programme, Altcoin Fantasy will receive support from a variety of industry leaders for partnership opportunities.

Altcoin Fantasy is the best cryptocurrency trading simulator aimed at teaching people about cryptocurrencies via our cryptocurrency trading simulator game, risk free. Users start with a $10,000 virtual USD demo account, and make trades during the contest period with our educational tools. To make it more exciting, they partner with brands to give away prizes to the top learners/traders each week. Launched January 2018, Altcoin Fantasy has helped over 10k users gain knowledge about the blockchain space and have recorded to close 200k virtual trades on the platform.

“The funding by Cyberport underscores the importance of education and evangelisation of the cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology space. I’m a firm believer that this technology will disrupt many industries in the coming years and we are excited to bring awareness of the space via our free Crypto trading sim game. The Cyberport team has carefully vetted out hundreds of projects and chose Altcoin Fantasy as a company in incubate and foster.” say the founder of Altcoin Fantasy, Tommy Chan.

“We saw that people were blindly investing into cryptocurrencies without knowing what they were getting into late last year, so we wanted to make a difference by teaching first. We are excited by the prospect of joining the government to help people learn about the blockchain space and will be launching in Asia in the coming months, starting with Hong Kong, then South Korea and Japan.” continued Tommy.

Other notable startups in the current batch include:

42Lab is the key solution for biotech education and provides affordable, compact, easy to use experiment kits to teach biotechnology in classrooms.

A tech platform that connects real and verified influencers, who can deliver speedy, high-quality content to brands looking for an organic way to reach their audience.

Reboot.AI is a premiere machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions provider.

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  1. Bucc July 5, 2018 3:48 am

    Education is the door to freedom. This news about Cyberport is really encouraging

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