Altcoin Fantasy Gradudated from YC Startup school

We have received this e-mail from YC saying that we’ve graduated!

Congratulations on completing Startup School 2018!
Your company page has now been updated to reflect your graduation.
If you’d like to share the news, feel free to share your graduation page on social media and use the #SUS2018 hashtag. You can also tag us on Twitter @startupschool and on Facebook @YCStartupSchool.
You can find and edit the link to your Startup School page in your Company Profile Settingsunder Profile URL.
We’ve been impressed with the progress many of you have made over just the past 10 weeks and are excited to see where you take it from here. We hope you consider applying to YC as well in the future, and wish you the best of luck!
The Startup School Team

Click here to see our team page!

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