Let’s meet the team that brought you the most loved Crypto Trading simulation platform.

Altcoin Fantasy is a real-time cryptocurrency simulation trading platform that has helped thousands learn crypto trading, risk free via exciting weekly contests. Users start with a fantasy portfolio, and through various tools on the platform, learn to trade with different cryptocurrencies and tokens. Altcoin Fantasy allows players to access the same coin sets as real exchanges such as Binance, OKEx and Poliniex. Users have access to historical charts, news and also a leaderboard where they can see other players’ trades throughout the contest period. The game is completely free to play and at the end of each weekly contest, the top traders with the highest net worth will win prizes.

Altcoin Fantasy Team

Cynthia Huang

  • Co-founder and CEO
  • Marketing, Partnerships and Content Specialist
  • Co-founder of the #1 Airbnb community online, Airhosts Forum

I can’t figure out if I’m a fun person or a serious one. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet both sides of me. Sometimes I’m extroverted and sometimes I’m introverted – perhaps I have a split personality? I’m a nerd at heart and love reading and cuddling with my dogs. Nerd confession – I have won a Magic the Gathering tournament before 🤗.

Tom Chanteam-tommy

  • Co-founder and CTO
  • Technical Software Engineer
  • Previous co-founder in 500 Startups (San Francisco) accelerated company (batch 8)
  • 9 Years of experience in software development, previous companies include Dell, Electronic Arts and other 500 Startups companies

I’m a mysterious individual who has yet to fill out my bio.

Could I be hiding something? Perhaps a secret life of indie hacking too scandalous for the world to see?

If you come back later, maybe you’ll find out.

Elizabeth Carlosteam-elizabeth

  • Marketing and Community Manager
  • 12 years of experience in different industries including but not limited to Bank and Finance, Legal Services, Real Estate, Customer Relations and Information Technology.

I started working early and decided I was going to be an expert in absolutely nothing.

I’m an introverted individual and am loud and friendly when you meet me. I’ve always been the serious type who makes awkward jokes. I will never get the punchline right and sarcasm is my only human talent. Hobbies include gardening and watching videos about tiny houses. If you have plant seeds that can survive in the hot tropical sun, please send them my way.

Want to learn more? Read how we analyzed 120,000 trades on our platform here.

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